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King County Streams Monitoring

For questions about the King County Streams Monitoring Program, please contact Debra Bouchard (206) 477-4650, or Sally Abella (206) 477-4605.
Image of North Folk of Snoqualmie River Image of a stonefly Image of a stream restoration project Image of a salmon Image of May Creek Image of Soos Creek above hatchery Image of Sammamish River near 124th Cameron Chapman at Jovita Creek

Streams Monitoring Home

The Stream and River Monitoring Program is part of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Land Resources Division. We are committed to monitoring the water quality of the County's lakes and streams to ensure their continued health, as well as the health of the public who utilize the many freshwater resources.

At this Web site you will be able to learn about the purpose and history of this program, what parameters are analyzed and how samples are collected. You will also be able to view a list or a map of the current sites that are monitored in the program, view information about individual streams and watersheds and view data graphs. Analyses such as long-term water quality trends, and the Water Quality Index are also available. You can also learn about special projects such as the Stream Sediment Monitoring Study.

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Stream News

New Zealand Mud Snail Alert!.

High Bacteria in Creeks

We recommend avoiding contact with water from the following creeks due to high bacteria: John's Creek, Juanita Creek, Ravenna Creek, Idylwood Creek, and Thornton Creek! For more information visit the Swim Beach Monitoring Web Page.