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King County Swimming Beach Monitoring

If you have question on this site, please contact Debra Bouchard (206) 477-4650.

Andrews Bay - Seward Park 0813SB

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This beach is not currently monitored. The last year this beach was monitored is 2015. Please select a year from the drop down menu.

Table Legend

Cell Color Fecal Coliform Value Concern Level
symbol for low concern symbol for low concern Individual value < 200 CFU/100 ml Low Concern - safe for swimming
symbol for moderate concern Individual value >= 200 & < 1000 CFU/100 ml Moderate Concern – still safe for swimming
symbol for high concern Individual value >= 1000 CFU/100 ml
or geometric mean >= 200 CFU/100 ml
High Concern – flagged for resample. For more information see Beach Closure Protocol – Fecal coliform bacteria
NOTE: If the routine sample exceeds the standard, either a single sample that exceeds 1000 CFU/100ml or a geometric mean of the five most recent samples that exceeds 200 CFU/100ml, then re-sampling is triggered.

Table Legend

Cell Color Algal Toxin Value Concern Level
symbol for low concern symbol for low concern Anatoxin < 1 µg/L and Microcystin < 6 µg/L below state recreation guideline
symbol for high concern Anatoxin >= 1 µg/L or Microcystin >= 6 µg/L value above state recreation guideline. See Swimming Beach Closure Protocol – Toxic Algae

Note: Additional toxic algae data is available on the NW Toxic Algae webpage.

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