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Newaukum Creek Basin Characterization Project Report

Newaukum Creek Basin Characterization Project Report

Newaukum Creek plays a vital role in supporting the productivity of threatened fish species and also supports biological production in the Green River by contributing water, sediments, organic matter, food energy, and nutrients. In addition to its ecological value, the Newaukum Creek basin supports important rural and urban economies and communities that rely on agriculture and forestry. Sustaining and improving the biological productivity of the Newaukum Creek basin in this growing community requires an understanding of the basin as a system.

This technical report characterizes historic and present conditions, identifies ecological alterations and knowledge gaps, and anticipates future changes in the Newaukum Creek basin. The report is intended as a reference document to inform basin management objectives and the planning and implementation of fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects by landowners, private sector organizations, nonprofits, and agencies, within the context of regional plans for habitat restoration as well as salmon recovery.

Authors: Latterell, J; J. Vanderhoof, J. Burkey, J. Bethel, K. Johnson (King County, DNRP, Water and Land Resources Division)

Pages: 222

Funding: King Conservation District, WRIA 9 Forum of Local Governments, US Army Corps of Engineers, King County

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    Newaukum Creek Basin Characterization Report

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