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Dry, part shade

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This plan features larger evergreen trees of Douglas-fir and shore pine as the backdrop for an array of lower shrubs primarily evergreen. A Pacific dogwood and the tall Oregon grape will lighten up this somewhat dark landscape with their spring blooms. This landscape is a particularly low maintenance model once the plants are established. Bald hip rose will provide pink flowers and the vine maple will dazzle with fall color.

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Plant list for Dry, part shade

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
vine maple iconTreevine mapleAcer circinatumpart shade - shadedry - moist25HHadd plant
Pacific dogwood  iconTreePacific dogwood Cornus nuttalliipart shadedry - moist60MLadd plant
shore pine iconTreeshore pinePinus contorta var. contortasun - part shadedry - wet50MHadd plant
bitter cherry iconTreebitter cherryPrunus emarginatasun - part shadedry - moist30MMadd plant
Douglas-fir iconTreeDouglas-firPseudotsuga menziesiisun - part shadedry - moist250MHadd plant
salal iconShrubsalalGaultheria shallonpart shade - shadedry - moist5HMadd plant
oceanspray iconShruboceansprayHolodiscus discolorsun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
tall Oregon grape iconShrubtall Oregon grapeMahonia aquifoliumsun - shadedry - wet8HHadd plant
bald hip rose  iconShrubbald hip rose Rosa gymnocarpasun - shadedry - wet4MHadd plant
red elderberry iconShrubred elderberrySambucus racemosasun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
evergreen huckleberry iconShrubevergreen huckleberryVaccinium ovatumpart shade - shadedry - moist6HMadd plant
beach strawberry  iconGroundcoverbeach strawberry Fragaria chiloensissun - part shadedry1HHadd plant
sword fern iconGroundcoversword fernPolystichum munitumpart shade - shadedry - moist3HHadd plant
fringecup iconGroundcoverfringecupTellima grandiflorapart shade - shademoist1LMadd plant
inside-out flower iconGroundcoverinside-out flowerVancouveria hexandrapart shade - shadedry - moist1MHadd plant
Beach Strawberry Beach Strawberry Tall Oregon Grape Tall Oregon Grape Tall Oregon Grape bald hip rose bald hip rose bald hip rose evergreen huckleberry evergreen huckleberry evergreen huckleberry vine maple vine maple vine maple inside-out flower inside-out flower inside-out flower red elderberry red elderberry red elderberry Pacific dogwood shore pine Douglas-fir fringecup fringecup salal salal salal red elderberry oceanspray bitter cherry sword fern sword fern natural lawn care techniques