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Moist, shady

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This planting plan is heavy on the evergreens to create an interesting year round yard. The bright red stems of the red osier dogwood will provide some nice contrast. Trilliums are included to welcome in spring with their white to purple beautiful, three-petal bloom. This plan includes a wildlife snag to provide food and shelter for a wide variety of birds. Wildlife snags are standing dead trees. If you have one already, just leave it and create your landscape around it. If the dead tree poses a safety issue, you can ask an arborist to cut it off at a height that won't pose a threat. Western hemlock and western redcedar rise on each side of the path. Vine maples grow nearby to show off their elegant shape. The bench is surrounded by the smaller perennials of vanilla leaf, piggy back plant, trillium and wild ginger.

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Plant list for Moist, shady

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
vine maple iconTreevine mapleAcer circinatumpart shade - shadedry - moist25HHadd plant
cascara iconTreecascaraRhamnus purshianasun - shadedry - wet30MMadd plant
Western redcedar   iconTreeWestern redcedar Thuja plicatapart shade - shademoist - wet200HMadd plant
Western hemlock iconTreeWestern hemlockTsuga heterophyllapart shade - shademoist - wet225MMadd plant
red-osier dogwood iconShrubred-osier dogwoodCornus sericeasun - shademoist - wet15HHadd plant
low Oregon grape iconShrublow Oregon grapeMahonia nervosapart shade - shadedry - moist3HMadd plant
evergreen huckleberry iconShrubevergreen huckleberryVaccinium ovatumpart shade - shadedry - moist6HMadd plant
vanilla leaf iconGroundcovervanilla leafAchlys triphyllapart shade - shadedry - moist1MHadd plant
wild ginger iconGroundcoverwild gingerAsarum caudatumpart shade - shademoist0.5HMadd plant
deer fern iconGroundcoverdeer fernBlechnum spicantpart shade - shadedry - wet2HMadd plant
sword fern iconGroundcoversword fernPolystichum munitumpart shade - shadedry - moist3HHadd plant
piggyback plant; youth-on-age iconGroundcoverpiggyback plant; youth-on-ageTolmiea menziesiipart shade - shadedry - moist1HHadd plant
trillium iconGroundcovertrilliumTrillium ovatumpart shade - shadedry - moist1.5MMadd plant
Western hemlock Western redcedar cascara vine maple vine maple vine maple vine maple evergreen huckleberry evergreen huckleberry evergreen huckleberry evergreen huckleberry red-oiser dogwood red-oiser dogwood low Oregon grape low Oregon grape low Oregon grape low Oregon grape low Oregon grape sword fern sword fern deer fern deer fern vanilla leaf vanilla leaf vanilla leaf trillium trillium wild ginger wild ginger piggyback plant; youth-on-age piggyback plant; youth-on-age