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Wet, sunny

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This design features a few plants unique to this plan. Plant golden-eyed grass and camas close to the path and lawn so their flowers and iris-like leaves can be easily enjoyed. Wapato and hard stemmed bulrush will readily spread along the shoreline. Lady fern and slough sedge can also spread aggressively so this landscape will change with time. Pacific crabapple will attract wildlife with its fruit.

Articles related to this plan: Guidance for Shoreline Plantings

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Plant list for Wet, sunny

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
Oregon ash iconTreeOregon ashFraxinus latifoliasun - part shademoist - wet70MMadd plant
Pacific crabapple iconTreePacific crabappleMalus fuscasun - part shademoist - wet40LMadd plant
shore pine iconTreeshore pinePinus contorta var. contortasun - part shadedry - wet50MHadd plant
Pacific willow iconTreePacific willowSalix lasiandrasun - part shademoist - wet40MHadd plant
bog rosemary iconShrubbog rosemaryAndromeda polifoliasun - part shadewet1.5MMadd plant
red-osier dogwood iconShrubred-osier dogwoodCornus sericeasun - shademoist - wet15HHadd plant
Pacific ninebark iconShrubPacific ninebarkPhysocarpus capitatussun - shademoist - wet13MHadd plant
swamp rose; clustered wild rose iconShrubswamp rose; clustered wild roseRosa pisocarpasun - shademoist - wet6LHadd plant
highbush cranberry; mooseberry iconShrubhighbush cranberry; mooseberryViburnum edulesun - part shademoist - wet12LMadd plant
goat's beard iconGroundcovergoat's beardAruncus sylvestersun - part shademoist - wet5HMadd plant
lady fern iconGroundcoverlady fernAthyrium filix-feminasun - shademoist - wet4HHadd plant
camas, common iconGroundcovercamas, commonCamassia quamashsun - part shadedry - moist1MMadd plant
wapato; arrowhead iconGroundcoverwapato; arrowheadSagittaria latifolia var. latifoliasun - part shadewet1.5LHadd plant
golden eyed grass iconGroundcovergolden eyed grassSisyrinchium californicumsun - part shademoist - wet1.5LMadd plant
hardstem bulrush iconGrass-likehardstem bulrushScirpus acutussunwet9LMadd plant
small-fruited bulrush iconGrass-likesmall-fruited bulrushScirpus microcarpussun - part shadewet3LHadd plant
Pacific willow Pacific willow Oregon ash red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood shore pine Pacific crabapple Pacific ninebark bog rosemary bog rosemary bog rosemary swamp rose; clustered wild rose swamp rose; clustered wild rose highbush cranberry; mooseberry highbush cranberry; mooseberry shore pine lady fern lady fern lady fern lady fern hardstem bulrush hardstem bulrush small-fruited bulrush small-fruited bulrush wapato; arrowhead camas, common camas, common camas, common golden eyed grass golden eyed grass golden eyed grass golden eyed grass goat's beard Pacific crabapple slough sedge