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Wet, shady

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Swamp lantern (also unflatteringly called skunk cabbage) lines the path. Although its scent is considered quite unpleasant by some, its beautiful yellow color in spring will light the way. If you really don't like the smell, feel free to substitute. False lily of the valley can spread aggressively but will not out compete the larger shrubs nearby. Cascara and vine maple will do well in the drier areas of the wet zone. Most of these trees and shrubs cannot survive year-round standing water.

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Plant list for Wet, shady

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
vine maple iconTreevine mapleAcer circinatumpart shade - shadedry - moist25HHadd plant
cascara iconTreecascaraRhamnus purshianasun - shadedry - wet30MMadd plant
Western redcedar   iconTreeWestern redcedar Thuja plicatapart shade - shademoist - wet200HMadd plant
red-osier dogwood iconShrubred-osier dogwoodCornus sericeasun - shademoist - wet15HHadd plant
Pacific wax myrtle iconShrubPacific wax myrtleMyrica californicasun - part shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
devil's club iconShrubdevil's clubOplopanax horridussun - shademoist - wet9MMadd plant
salmonberry iconShrubsalmonberryRubus spectabilissun - shademoist - wet10MHadd plant
maidenhair fern iconGroundcovermaidenhair fernAdiantum pedatumpart shade - shademoist - wet2HMadd plant
lady fern iconGroundcoverlady fernAthyrium filix-feminasun - shademoist - wet4HHadd plant
bunchberry iconGroundcoverbunchberryCornus unalaschkensispart shade - shademoist - wet1HLadd plant
swamp lantern; skunk cabbage iconGroundcoverswamp lantern; skunk cabbageLysichiton americanumpart shade - shadewet3MMadd plant
false lily-of-the-valley iconGroundcoverfalse lily-of-the-valleyMaianthemum dilatatumsun - shademoist - wet1MHadd plant
slough sedge iconGrass-likeslough sedgeCarex obnuptasun - part shademoist - wet3MHadd plant
Western redcedar Western redcedar devil's club swamp latern; skunk cabbage swamp lantern; skunk cabbage swamp lantern; skunk cabbage salmonberry Pacific wax myrtle Pacific wax myrtle vine maple vine maple vine maple cascara cascara salmonberry salmonberry salmonberry salmonberry ladyfern ladyfern ladyfern slough sedge slough sedge slough sedge vine maple red-osier dogwood bunchberry red-osier dogwood bunchberry maidenhair fern false lily-of-the-valley false lily-of-the-valley red-osier dogwood