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beaked hazelnut

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Beaked hazelnut's nuts
Katie Messick
Beaked hazelnut's nuts (enlarge)
beaked hazelnut in sun beaked hazelnut fall color Beaked hazel catkins
Beaked hazelnut nuts

Corylus cornuta var. californica

Deciduous Shrub

Height: 20 ft.

Availability: Medium

Growing ease: Medium

Moisture req.: dry - moist

Exposure req.: sun - shade


Plant description:

Soft and fuzzy foliage, and hanging catkins (hanging spike of tiny flowers) make this an attractive shub. Handles wide variety of conditions. Its edible nuts are much sought after by wildlife.

Keywords: birds, broad, drought tolerant, fire-resistant , upright

Articles that mention this plant: Deer resistant plants

Plans that use this plant:Marine (salt water) shoreline