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low Oregon grape

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whole plant in the wild
© Greg Rabourn
whole plant in the wild (enlarge)
low Oregon grape fruit low Oregon grape leaf closeup

Mahonia nervosa

Evergreen Shrub

Height: 3 ft.

Availability: High

Growing ease: Medium

Moisture req.: dry - moist

Exposure req.: part shade - shade


Plant description:

This is the short cousin to Tall Oregon Grape and is better used as a ground cover (generally 2 foot in height) planted either singly or in masses. It looks great combined with native snowberry above and through the glossy green massed leaves. Tolerant of many conditions, it will do its best in some shade and can tolerate full shade. Clustered yellow flowers with purple fruits.

Keywords: birds, broad leaf (evergreen), butterflies, creeping or trailing, edible, fire-resistant , purple, spreading, thorns or prickles, upright, yellow

Articles that mention this plant: Deer resistant plants, Native plants for deep shade

Plans that use this plant:Dry, shady, Moist, shady