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Buoy Sonde Standard Operating Procedures

Parameter Range Check Values

The parameter range check is a quality control step that helps to identify data that are outside of the range expected for that parameter. Parameters outside of their expected ranges are flagged. It is possible that the values reported as outside of the expected range are correct, but further evaluation of related data (e.g., weather) should be reviewed to establish that conditions were consistent with the flagged data.

Air Temperature-10.00 (°C)45.00 (°C)
Atmosphere Pressure900.00 (mb)1100.00 (mb)
Battery11.00 (V)15.00 (V)
Chlorophyll-2.00 (µg/l)50.00 (µg/l)
Depth0.00 (m)65.00 (m)
DO Concentration0.01 (mg/l)22.00 (mg/l)
DO Percent Saturation0.10 (%)190.00 (%)
Relative Humidity10.00 (%)100.00 (%)
Solar Radiation0.00 (watts/sq meter)1200.00 (watts/sq meter)
Specific Conductance20.00 (µS/cm)200.00 (µS/cm)
Temperature0.00 (°C)30.00 (°C)
Turbidity-5.00 (NTU)50.00 (NTU)
Wind Direction0.00 (degrees)360.00 (degrees)
Wind Speed0.00 (m/sec)30.00 (m/sec)
End Check Condition

The end check is a quality control step that helps to ensure that the sensors remained within calibration acceptance limits throughout the deployment period. Once the sonde is back in the lab all the sensors are tested using check standards of known value. If end check values are outside of the accepted limits for individual sensors, data for that deployment period may be flagged.

Chlorophyll±15 percent±25 percent>±25 percent
DO±5 percent±10 percent>±10 percent
pH±0.15 units±0.20 units>±0.20 units
Specific Conductance±5 percent±10 percent>±10 percent
Turbidity±15 percent±25 percent>±25 percent
Phycocyanin±15 percent±25 percent>±25 percent