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Localize Sustainability

Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

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The mission of Localize is to inform people's best opportunities for sustainability and provide resources for action — based on their context and circumstances.

Many Localize visitors (you?) will have suggestions for additions and improvements to this site — please send us your thoughts and ideas!

In the next phase, we hope to provide users with spatially-relevant information about sustainability resources and solutions (based on address prompt). We are looking for spatial data on businesses and community organizations that offer sustainably-oriented goods and services, community points of interest, and neighborhood assets and resources.

Thank you for exploring, contributing to, and sharing the Localize Sustainability website!

For more information on Localize Susatainability please contact:

Richard Gelb
King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St.
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For technical issues contact:

Earl Krygier
King Street Center
201 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104


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