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Localize Sustainability

Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

Sustainable solutions

Below are recommended websites that offer information about programs and incentives that help you save money, live healthier and support a greener lifetstyle.

Commute solutions

  • Metro Bike RacksBike Racks
    Metro's easy-to-use bike racks are available first come, first served, and there is no additional fare for using them.
  • Basic travel optionsBasic travel options
    Metro Transit offers many different ways to get around King County, each designed to help increase your mobility and solve your transportation problems.
  • RideshareOnline.comRidesharing is a convenient and easy to use tool for the traveling public to help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and sustain the quality of living in our region. Find resources for carpooling, vanpools, bus/rail, biking, and working from home.
  • In MotionTake Metro to the park
    It's now easier than ever to get to parks and other great places in King County. Use the popular destinations page to help you fill in the online trip planner and be on your way. Choose from Parks and Recreation or other destinations and start planning your trip today.
  • In MotionIn Motion
    Find out how you can get around without your car by checking out the In Motion page for your neighborhood.
  • Commuter CafeCommuter Cafe
    Tools and resources for your commute like traffic cameras, aps for you smart phone, maps, and mass transit schedules.
  • Bike mapBike map
    A detailed interactive map showing all the bike trails in King County. King County is bike territory. Olympian Rebecca Twigg was born here. We're home to the Cascade Bicycle Club, arguably the nation's largest. Bike lanes and paths abound. We're bike-crazed and proud of it.
  • Be green tipsBe green tips
    Green tips from a transportation perspective. King County Road Services and the environment. Green news, green tips, what we are doing, what you can do.
  • EPA Green Vehicle Guide EPA Green Vehicle Guide
    Use this guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs. Low emissions and good fuel economy are both important for the environment.
    Shopping for a more fuel efficient car? has gas mileage estimates and more information for 1984-2011 model year cars. Selecting which vehicle to purchase is the most important fuel economy decision you'll make.
  • Green Green - Guide To Fuel Efficient Cars Listed By Price
    This guide is designed to filter out the most efficient choice so new car buyers needn't make any compromises on their way to maximizing fuel economy.

Home energy savings solutions

  • Eco-Cool Remodel Tool Eco-Cool Remodel Tool
    Take a tour through our virtual house and find ways to green up your next home remodeling project. You'll find tips and resources ranging from selecting healthy paint products, to what you should consider when replacing your furnace, upgrading your kitchen or landscaping your yard.
  • What do I do with..."What do I do with..."
    Every day, King County residents and businesses run across unwanted items that make them wonder: "What do I do with this?" This site was designed to answer that question!
  • Become an EcoConsumerBecome an EcoConsumer
    Tools and resources to help you reduce your environmental impact, and often save money and save time as well.
  • Learn to recycle foodLearn to recycle food
    In the landfill, food scraps are a wasted resource. Put them to better use! Edible food can be donated to hunger relief agencies to feed hungry families. Inedible food scraps and food soiled paper break down into compost, a soil amendment that enriches soil and improves plant health. Donating or composting food instead of sending it to the landfill reduces waste and puts a valuable material resource to good use.
  • NE Seattle Tool LibraryNE Seattle Tool Library
    The NE Seattle Tool Library provides free, community access to a wide variety of tools, training, and sustainable resources.
  • Phinney Neighborhood Association Tool Lending LibraryPhinney Neighborhood Association Tool Lending Library
    The PNA's Tool Lending Library, located in the Phinney Neighborhood Center's brick building, has hundreds of tools to help you do that job right! Check out the list below. PNA members may borrow tools for a modest suggested weekly tool maintenance fee that is listed next to each tool. Reduced tool fees are available for low-income households.
  • Natural Yard CarePractice natural yard care
    Yards are fun, beautiful, great spaces for relaxing. But in taking care of them, we often use water inefficiently, produce a lot of waste and overuse chemicals that are bad for the environment and our families' health.
  • EnviroStarsUse an environmentally responsible business
    The mission of EnviroStars is to provide assistance and incentives for smaller businesses to reduce hazardous materials and waste, in order to protect public health, municipal systems, and the environment.
  • Residential green remodeling guidesResidential green remodeling guides
    Green building techniques offer several ways to offset these growth impacts. This site contains information about green building practices for everything from painting a single room to building your dream home.
  • The West Seattle Tool LibraryThe West Seattle Tool Library
    The West Seattle Tool Library is a community-led project to provide pay-what-you-can community access to a wide range of tools, training, and relevant advice.

Healthy lifestyle solutions

  • It's Easy Being GreenIt's Easy Being Green
    Easy everyday actions can make a big difference in helping King County's environment and improving the sustainability of our communities. Simple choices for how you get to work, what you buy, what you eat, what you throw away, and how you conserve energy and other resources at home can add up to a healthier experience for all of us.
  • Climate change and your healthClimate change and your health
    Climate change is one of the major public health challenges of the 21st century. According to the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) at the University of Washington, rising temperatures will be the major driving force of the negative climate impacts to human health.
  • The King County Regional Trail SystemParks: King County Regional Trail System
    The King County Regional Trail System is one of the nation's most extensive multi-use off-road systems with over 175 miles of trails for bicycling, hiking, walking, and horseback riding. The RTS spans an area from Bothell to Auburn and Seattle to the Cascades.
  • Eat and Buy LocallyEat and buy locally
    For more than a decade, the Coalition has worked to address issues affecting the local food and farm system by building awareness and affecting change for the important economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of farming in the region; promoting preservation and protection of farmlands and farming resources; enhancing community food security by improving access to locally-produced food; and working collaboratively with individuals and organizations to effectively identify and address issues facing the local food system.
  • VolunteerVolunteer to restore habitats
    Join us this spring along the Cedar and Sammamish Rivers and the KC Parks Greenhouse & Nursery. Thanks to the help of our awesome volunteers, King County continues to improve our stream corridors for salmon, including the threatened Chinook salmon and for water quality.
  • King County Climate ChangeChange your thinking
    You will find information about King County's initiatives to reduce climate impacts from county operations, steps the county is taking to prepare for climate change impacts such as sea level rise and increased flood risk, and performance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have also posted resources and tools to support individual actions to reduce carbon emissions.
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