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End Check

The end check is a quality control step that helps to ensure that the sensors remained within calibration acceptance limits throughout the deployment period. Once the sonde is back in the lab all the sensors are tested using check standards of known value. If end check values are outside of the accepted limits for individual sensors, data for that deployment period may be flagged.

Parameter Range Check Values and End Check Condition

Sensor NameParameterDisplay NameRange Min Value <.4.>Range Max Value <.4.>End Check Failed <.2.>
YSI or HCEPDepth (m)Depth_m061NA
YSI or HCEPChlorophyll Fluorescence (ug/L)Chl_fluor_ug/L0400>±15 %
YSIDissolved Oxygen (% saturation)DO_%_Sat0500>±5 %
YSI or HCEPpHSonde_pH014>±0.20 units
YSI or HCEPSalinity (psu)Sal_psu042±0.2 psu
YSI or HCEPWater Temperature (°C)Water_Temp_C-545NA
YSI or HCEPTurbidity (NTU)Turb_NTU01000>±20 %
SeaFETExternal pH (recalculated with YSI salinity)SeaFET_EXT_pH_wSal6.09.0NA
SeaFETExternal pHSeaFET_EXT_pH6.09.0NA
SeaFETInternal pHSeaFET_INT_pH6.09.0NA
SeaFETTemperature (°C)SeaFET_Temp_C050NA
SUNANitrate-Nitrogen (mg/L)SUNA_Nitrite+Nitrate_mgN/LNANANA
MeteorologicalWind Direction (degrees)Wind_Dir_deg0360NA
MeteorologicalWind Speed (m/sec)Wind_Sp_m/sec060NA
MeteorologicalAir Temperature (°F)Air_Temp_F-60140NA
MeteorologicalPressure (in Hg)Press_inHg17.732.5NA
MeteorologicalRelative Humidity (%)Rel_Hum_%0100NA
MeteorologicalRadiation (watts/m2)PAR_umo/s/sqmNANANA
MeteorologicalRain Fall (in)Rain_Fall_inNANANA

If SeaFET Internal/External pH data passes QC checks, then default primary code assigned = <.0.>