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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

For questions about the King County Puget Sound Marine Monitoring Program, please contact


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Photo of Dirona albolineata
Alabaster nudibranch
Photo of Onchidoris bilamellata
Barnacle-eating nudibranch
Photo of Dendronotus frondosus
Branched dendronotus
Photo of Catriona columbiana
British columbia aoelid
Photo of Acanthodoris brunnea
Brown horned dorid
Photo of Cumanotus sp. 1
Burrowing aeolid
Photo of Berthella californica
California sidegill
Photo of Triopha catalinea
Catalina nudibranch
Photo of Cokerell's Dorid - Laila cockerelli
Cockerell's dorid
Photo of Aldisa cooperi
Cooper's aldisa
Photo of Dendronotus dalli
Dall's frond-aeolis
Photo of Tritonia festiva
Diamond back nudibranch
Photo of Tritonia diomedea
Diomedes' tritonid
Photo of Palio dubia
Dubious dorid
Photo of Phyllaplysia taylori
Eelgrass sea hare
Photo of Dirona pellucida
Gold nudibranch
Photo of Geitodoris heathi
Heath's dorid
Photo of Acanthodoris hudsoni
Hudson's dorid
Photo of Ancula gibbosa
Humped ancula
Photo of Adalaria jannae
Janna's dorid
Photo of Janolus sp.
Photo of Aldisa tara
King's aldisa
Photo of Diaulula sandiegensis
Leopard dorid
Photo of Melibe leonina
Lion's melibe
Photo of Cadlina modesta
Modest cadlina
Photo of Doris montereyensis
Monterey dorid
Photo of Acanthodoris nanaimoensis
Nanaimo horned dorid
Photo of Hermissenda crassicornis
Opalescent nudibranch
Photo of Flabellina pricei
Price's aeolid
Photo of Dendrotiotus iris
Rainbow tree-backed nudibranch
Photo of Flabellina verrucosa
Red-gilled nudibranch
Photo of Eubranchus sanjuanensis
San juan aeolid
Photo of Aeolidia papillosa
Shaggy mouse
Photo of Aglaja ocelligera
Spotted aglaja
Photo of Armina californica
Striped nudibranch
Photo of Dendronotus subramosus
Stubby dendronotus
Photo of Flabellina trilineata
Three-lined aeolid
Photo of Adalaria proxima
Tuberculate dorid
Photo of Janolus fuscus
White & orange-tipped nudibranch
Photo of Dendronotus albus
White dendronotus
Photo of Aegires albopunctatus
White-spotted dorid
Photo of Acanthodoris lutea
Yellow horned dorid

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