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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

For questions about the King County Puget Sound Marine Monitoring Program, please contact Kim Stark, Program Manager.

Sea Stars

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Photo of Henricia leviuscula
Blood star
Photo of Common Basket Star - Gorgonocephalus eucnemis
Common basket star
Photo of Dawson's Sun Star - Solaster dawsoni
Dawson's sun star
Photo of Evasterias troschelii
False ochre star
Photo of Dermasterias imbricata
Leather star
Photo of Pisaster ochraceus
Ochre star
Photo of Orthasterias koehleri
Rainbow sea star
Photo of Mediaster aequalis
Red sea star
Photo of Crossaster papposus
Rose star
Photo of Luidia foliolata
Sand star
Photo of Pisaster brevispinus
Short spined sea star
Photo of Six-Arm Sea Star - Leptasterias hexactis
Six-arm sea star
Photo of Pteraster tesselatus
Slime star
Photo of Hippasteria spinosa
Spiny red star
Photo of Stimpson's Sun Star - Solaster stimpsoni
Stimpson's sun star
Photo of Pycnopodia helianthoides
Sunflower star

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