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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

For questions about the King County Puget Sound Marine Monitoring Program, please contact

Eel-like Fishes

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Photo of Lycodopsis pacifica
Blackbelly eelpout
Photo of Pholis laeta
Crescent gunnel
Photo of Decorated Warbonnet - Chirolophis decoratus
Decorated warbonnet
Photo of High Cockscomb - Anoplarchus purpurescens
High cockscomb
Photo of Longfin Gunnel - Pholis clemensi
Longfin gunnel
Photo of Chirolophis nugator
Mosshead warbonnet
Photo of Apodichthys flavidus
Penpoint gunnel
Photo of Lumpenus sagitta
Snake prickleback
Photo of Anarrhichthys ocellatus
Wolf eel

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