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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

For questions about the King County Puget Sound Marine Monitoring Program, please contact


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Photo of Limosa lapponica
Bar-tailed godwit
Photo of Haematopus bachmani
Black oystercatcher
Photo of Arenaria melanocephala
Black turnstone
Photo of Pluvialis squatarola
Black-bellied plover
Photo of Calidris alpina
Photo of Tringa melanoleuca
Greater yellowlegs
Photo of Killdeer - Charadrius vociferus
Photo of Calidris minutilla
Least sandpiper
Photo of Tringa flavipes
Lesser yellowlegs
Photo of Numenius americanus
Long-billed curlew
Photo of Limosa fedoa
Marbled godwit
Photo of Pluvialis fulva
Pacific golden plover
Photo of Calidris canutus
Red knot
Photo of Arenaria interpres
Ruddy turnstone
Photo of Calidris alba
Photo of Charadrius semipalmatus
Semipalmated plover
Photo of Calidris pusilla
Semipalmated sandpiper
Photo of Limnodromus griseus
Short-billed dowitcher
Photo of Charadrius nivosus
Snowy plover
Photo of Actitis macularia
Spotted sandpiper
Photo of Aphriza virgata
Photo of Heteroscelus incanus
Wandering tattler
Photo of Calidris mauri
Western sandpiper
Photo of Numenius phaeopus
Photo of Tringa semipalmata

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