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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

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Ciliates – Phylum Ciliophora

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Photo of Mesodinium rubrum
Cyclotrich: mesodinium
Photo of Didinium
Haptorid: didinium
Photo of Spirotrichia
Misc spirotrichs
Photo of Tiarina fusus
Prostome: tiarina
Photo of Laboea
Strombidiid: laboea
Photo of Strombidium
Strombidiid: strombidium
Photo of Tontonia
Strombidiid: tontonia
Photo of Favella
Tintinnid: favella
Photo of Helicostomella
Tintinnid: helicostomella
Photo of Tintinnopsis
Tintinnid: tintinnopsis

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