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Puget Sound Marine Monitoring

The best decisions are based on Sound information

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Crustaceans – Phylum Arthropoda: Crustacea

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Photo of Amphipoda
Photo of Cirripedia: larval stages
Barnacle larvae
Photo of Aetideus divergens
Calanoid copepod: aetideus
Photo of Paracalanus
Calanoid copepod: paracalanus
Photo of Tortanus sp.
Calanoid copepod: tortanus
Photo of Calanoida
Calanoid copepods
Photo of Copepoda: larval stages
Copepod nauplii
Photo of Decapoda: crab larval stages
Crab larvae
Photo of Ditrichocorycaeus anglicus
Cyclopoid copepod: ditrichocorycaeus
Photo of Euphausiaceae
Euphausiids (krill)

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