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The following information has been provided by the City of Issaquah. The City of Issaquah Flood Warning System provides residents with a way to obtain information on impending floodwaters so that they can take proper defensive actions and prepare themselves before serious flooding occurs.

  • City of Issaquah Public Works Operations 425-837-3470
    For assistance with drainage and flooding problems, Weekdays 7:30-3:30
    (24-hours during Phase 2 and higher phases)
  • City of Issaquah Emergency Information Line 425-837-3028
    Up-to-date information on City Emergency Information Line or on TV 21

Click on a gage name for graph and additional data.

USGS Gage Name

Time, Date



Flow Change

Issaquah Creek near Hobart 12:45 AM, 5/23/2024 4.05 46 -0.01 (stage, in feet)
Issaquah Creek Mouth near Issaquah 12:15 AM, 5/23/2024 4.75 128 -5

* Gage data currently unavailable.


This data was requested from USGS at 5/23/2024 1:15:15 AM.

The next request for USGS data is expected in approximately 4 minutes from when this page was loaded.

cfs = cubic feet per second.
King County provides funding to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to support the operation and maintenance of river and stream gages and related systems. The term "gage" is defined as an instrument for measuring or testing. USGS uses the term "streamgage" to describe their equipment that obtains estimates of the amount of water flowing in streams and rivers. More information about USGS streamgages

Phase Phase Threshold
Stage (height) at Issaquah Creek near Hobart gage
Expected Flood Impacts and Actions
1 - No flooding typically occurs 6.5 ft King County staff are on alert. Issaquah Public Works and Police Department are notified. Standby monitoring begins.
2 - Minor Flooding 7.5 ft Frequently flooded areas can expect flooding. A few street closures due to water on roadway. City of Issaquah Public Works Operations Department begins flood-fighting activities.
3 - Moderate Flooding 8.5 ft Considerable flooding on Issaquah Creek, Tibbetts Creek, and the East Fork of Issaquah Creek. Flooding possible in many creekside areas. Issaquah Public Works' full flood-fighting effort in effect.
4 - Severe Flooding 9 ft Extensive flooding, similar to February 2020, or greater throughout Issaquah and Tibbetts Creek valleys. Issaquah-Hobart Rd SE and SR 900 may close due to water and debris over roadway. Maximum flood-fighting effort in effect.
Issaquah Creek gage location map
Recent High Flow Data:
Issaquah Creek near Hobart
February 6, 2020 1,220 cfs 9.53 ft
January 7, 2009 1,290 cfs 8.86 ft
November 6, 2006 1,360 cfs 9.31 ft
February, 1996 1,240 cfs 9.73 ft
November, 1990 1,360 cfs 9.9 ft

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