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Continued sedimentation in the White River near the City of Pacific has reduced the flow capacity of the White River. As a result, flood levels can change unpredictably near the City of Pacific.

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Gage Name

Time, Date



Flow Change

Greenwater River at Greenwater 9:45 PM, 6/19/2024 3.21 165 0
White River below Clearwater River 10:15 PM, 6/19/2024 48.01 1,420 +10
Mud Mountain Dam discharge 10:00 PM, 6/19/2024 n/a 1,200 0
White River above Boise Creek 9:30 PM, 6/19/2024 41.20 768 +9
White River at R Street near Auburn 9:45 PM, 6/19/2024 111.73 1,220 -20
White River near Auburn 10:15 PM, 6/19/2024 84.38 n/a -0.01 (stage, in feet)
White River At Pacific 9:30 PM, 6/19/2024 73.12 n/a -0.02 (stage, in feet)

* Gage data currently unavailable.


This data was requested from USGS/Northwest River Forecast Center at 6/19/2024 10:35:09 PM.

The next request for USGS/Northwest River Forecast Center data is expected in approximately 2 minutes from when this page was loaded.

cfs = cubic feet per second.
King County provides funding to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to support the operation and maintenance of river and stream gages and related systems. The term "gage" is defined as an instrument for measuring or testing. USGS uses the term "streamgage" to describe their equipment that obtains estimates of the amount of water flowing in streams and rivers. More information about USGS streamgages

Phase Phase Threshold
Measured or expected flow release from Mud Mountain Dam*
cfs = cubic feet per second
Expected Flood Impacts
1 - No flooding typically occurs 4,000 cfs.  
2 - Minor Flooding 5,000 cfs Overbank flooding may occur in the City of Pacific near Government Canal and within Pacific City Park. High water will likely occur along the temporary flood protection barriers.
3 - Moderate Flooding 7,000 cfs High river water levels will occur along the temporary flood protection barriers in the City of Pacific. Overtopping flows may occur at Government Canal, Butte Ave and upstream of the A-St Bridge in the cities of Pacific and Auburn.   Red Creek area residents may experience dangerously high velocities, debris flows, and residential flooding.
4 - Severe Flooding 9,000 cfs Dangerously high velocity and debris flows may occur throughout the river system. Overbank flooding is expected in the cities of Pacific and Auburn. Damage may occur at the fish passage facility near the City of Enumclaw. Floodwater may overtop SR 410 upstream of Mud Mountain Dam near Greenwater.   
White River & Greenwater River gage map - flooding
Recent High Flow Data: White River near Buckley except as noted
January 9, 2009 11,700 cfs*
November 6, 2006 11,700 cfs*
December, 1995 13,200 cfs
January, 1990 14,100 cfs

*Based on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers data on flow releases from Mud Mountain Dam.

Additional USGS gages: (external links)

White River at Roegner Park near Auburn
White River near Sumner

Recent High Flow Data: Greenwater River at Greenwater
February 7, 2020 6,790 cfs
December 2, 1997 10,500 cfs
February 8, 1996 5,900 cfs

The National Weather Service also provides access to provisional gage data:

White River at Mud Mountain Dam (external link)

Other Flood-related Information

Pierce County Flood Information

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