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Western hemlock

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hemlock foliage
© Greg Rabourn
hemlock foliage (enlarge)
Western hemlock growing in a nurse log

Tsuga heterophylla

Evergreen Tree

Height: 225 ft.

Availability: Medium

Growing ease: Medium

Moisture req.: moist - wet

Exposure req.: part shade - shade


Plant description:

Hemlock is probably the most beautiful of our native trees. It's foliage has a feathery quality. Slow growing, you'll need to plant this for future generations in mind. However, as a young tree it is graceful and light in color. In mature groves it can create such a dense canopy that nothing can grow beneath it. Hemlock grows best in shade and deeper, richer soils. It makes the most astonishing hedge you'll ever see. Though rarely used for this, the hedge will look like a bit like a green angora sweater when it leafs out in the spring.

Keywords: birds, conifer (evergreen), slow, upright

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Plans that use this plant:Dry, shady, Moist, shady