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Are the metals exceeding the chronic toxicity standards?

These graphs illustrate chronic toxicity in the lake or stream sample. The values on the chart are determined by subtracting the metal concentrations in the sample from the chronic toxicity values calculated using the toxicity formulas in the Washington water quality standards (WAC173-201A) Any values less than zero are designated as “non-toxic”.

The lighter colored symbols on the chart are the calculated values for all King County stream locations and are presented here to provide a regional and temporal context for the results of this particular stream.

PLEASE NOTE: Calculated toxicity values use hardness as a variable in the calculation, and the hardness of the sampled waters changes depending on local conditions. Calcium and magnesium are analyzed in the water samples and used to calculate water hardness: Calculated hardness = ((Calcium x 2.497) + (Magnesium x 4.116))/1000

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