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Information and Services for King County, Washington

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Consider replacing your lawn with natives where grass grows poorly or is losing the battle with moss. Youll save time and aggravation and your yard will look great. Unwanted lawn can be cut into easily lifted squares with a flat bladed spade or removed with a rented sod remover. Or compost your lawn in place by covering grass with heavy cardboard and a few inches of wood chips or bark. See the King County Shrink your Lawn! Web site for more information.

If your soil seems very compacted, mulch it. Visit the Mulch it! article on the plant topics page.

Now is also the time to create mounds, install wildlife snags, rock piles or ponds and remove any pesky invasive weeds. Weed removal is a challenge! Be sure to look at other resources to battle your problem weeds. The King County Noxious Weed Web site can help with this.