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Native Plant Guide

Information and Services for King County, Washington

Why go native?

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It's up to all of us to keep our waterways clean and healthy. Native plants bring benefits to Northwest land and water resources, wildlife and people and you can have them in your own yard!

Well-established native plants control erosion by holding the soil with their roots. They reduce flooding by slowing runoff. Trees, shrubs and groundcovers clean water by filtering out sediment and pollutants before they reach lakes and streams. Northwest fish and wildlife depend on native plants for food, shelter, and cover. Once established, native plants in the right place require little maintenance.

A naturally-cared for native landscape is healthy for kids, pets and our environment. Your yard makes a difference! This information, plus a little time, money and sweat, is all you need to build a great looking native plant landscape.

Ten Reasons to Use Native Plants
1.Native plant landscapes do not need pesticides or fertilizers better for kids and pets.
2.Native plant landscapes need less water saves money and resources.
3.Replacing a lawn with native plants reduces time spent mowing, raking and watering.
4.Native plants attract native wildlife more birds and butterflies!
5.Native plants are great for creating drought-tolerant yards.
6.Native plants can be less expensive than non-native plants or salvaged ethically through King County's Native Plant Salvage Program.
7.Native plants help control erosion and reduce runoff, keeping sediments and pollutants out of our waterways.
8.Native plants survive better than many ornamental plants.
9.Native plants reduce problems with weed species.
10.Native plants give your yard a true northwest aesthetic.