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Dry, shady

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Dry shade can be a bit of a challenge for the non native gardener (see related shade article). This plan includes Indian plum to lighten the landscape in the early spring. Vanilla leaf is a great dry shade ground cover that will ramble through the landscape showing off its pinwheel shape. Larger shrubs are kept away from the house to allow for maintenance and to reduce problems with plants growing under siding

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Plant list for Dry, shady

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
vine maple iconTreevine mapleAcer circinatumpart shade - shadedry - moist25HHadd plant
cascara iconTreecascaraRhamnus purshianasun - shadedry - wet30MMadd plant
Western hemlock iconTreeWestern hemlockTsuga heterophyllapart shade - shademoist - wet225MMadd plant
salal iconShrubsalalGaultheria shallonpart shade - shadedry - moist5HMadd plant
oceanspray iconShruboceansprayHolodiscus discolorsun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
low Oregon grape iconShrublow Oregon grapeMahonia nervosapart shade - shadedry - moist3HMadd plant
indian plum; osoberry iconShrubindian plum; osoberryOemlaria cerasiformispart shade - shadedry - moist15MMadd plant
bald hip rose  iconShrubbald hip rose Rosa gymnocarpasun - shadedry - wet4MHadd plant
snowberry iconShrubsnowberrySymphoricarpos albussun - shadedry - moist5MHadd plant
vanilla leaf iconGroundcovervanilla leafAchlys triphyllapart shade - shadedry - moist1MHadd plant
bleeding heart iconGroundcoverbleeding heartDicentra formosapart shade - shadedry - moist1.5HHadd plant
oxalis; wood sorrel iconGroundcoveroxalis; wood sorrelOxalis oreganapart shade - shadedry - moist0.5HHadd plant
sword fern iconGroundcoversword fernPolystichum munitumpart shade - shadedry - moist3HHadd plant
false Solomon's-seal iconGroundcoverfalse Solomon's-sealSmilacina racemosapart shade - shademoist3MMadd plant
trillium iconGroundcovertrilliumTrillium ovatumpart shade - shadedry - moist1.5MMadd plant
vine maple vine maplevine maplevine maple vine maplevine maple oceanspray Western hemlock cascara cascara vine maple vine maple low Oregon grape low Oredon grape low Oregon grape salal salal salal salal salal salal salal bleeding heart bleeding heart bleeding heart bald hip rose bald hip rose indian plum; osoberry indian plum; osoberry vanilla leaf vanilla leaf vanilla leaf vanilla leaf trillium trillium trillium oxalis; wood sorrel false Solomon's-seal sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern