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Dry, sunny

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A highlight of this landscape is the blend of Kinnikinnik and beach strawberry. Very drought tolerant once established, this combination will help suppress weeds. Be sure to keep the area well weeded until the plants are established. It is difficult to weed through groundcovers. Beach strawberry spreads aggressively so be sure it has room to run before you turn it loose. The combination of thrift and nodding onion can also be planted in clusters or blended together.

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Plant list for Dry, sunny

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
shore pine iconTreeshore pinePinus contorta var. contortasun - part shadedry - wet50MHadd plant
bitter cherry iconTreebitter cherryPrunus emarginatasun - part shadedry - moist30MMadd plant
Douglas-fir iconTreeDouglas-firPseudotsuga menziesiisun - part shadedry - moist250MHadd plant
serviceberry; juneberry iconShrubserviceberry; juneberryAmelanchier alnifoliasun - shadedry - moist20HHadd plant
oceanspray iconShruboceansprayHolodiscus discolorsun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
tall Oregon grape iconShrubtall Oregon grapeMahonia aquifoliumsun - shadedry - wet8HHadd plant
mock orange iconShrubmock orangePhiladelphus lewisiisun - part shadedry - moist9MHadd plant
red-flowering currant iconShrubred-flowering currantRibes sanguineumsun - part shadedry - moist6HMadd plant
snowberry iconShrubsnowberrySymphoricarpos albussun - shadedry - moist5MHadd plant
nodding onion iconGroundcovernodding onionAllium cernuumsundry - moist1MMadd plant
kinnikinnik; bearberry iconGroundcoverkinnikinnik; bearberryArctostaphylos uva-ursisun - part shadedry1HMadd plant
thrift; sea pink iconGroundcoverthrift; sea pinkArmeria maritimasundry - moist1HHadd plant
beach strawberry  iconGroundcoverbeach strawberry Fragaria chiloensissun - part shadedry1HHadd plant
shore pine red-flowering currant red-flowering currant red-flowering currant red-flowering currant serviceberry; juneberry snowberry snowberry tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape bitter cherry beach strawberry oceanspray thrift; sea pink nodding onion nodding onion nodding onion beach strawberry beach strawberry kinnikinnik; bearberry oceanspray mock orange mock orange Douglas-fir thrift; sea pink snowberry