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Moist, part shade

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Ferntopia could be the name for this plan featuring a variety of sword, deer and maidenhair ferns. They can be arranged formally or in a natural clustered way. Inside out flower is present near the lawn when its small white blooms and duck feet foliage can be appreciated. Oceanspray, red flowering currant and Pacific dogwood will show off their blooms against the evergreen backdrop of the grand fir and western redcedar.

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Plant list for Moist, part shade

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
grand fir iconTreegrand firAbies grandissun - shadedry - moist250HMadd plant
vine maple iconTreevine mapleAcer circinatumpart shade - shadedry - moist25HHadd plant
Pacific dogwood  iconTreePacific dogwood Cornus nuttalliipart shadedry - moist60MLadd plant
Western redcedar   iconTreeWestern redcedar Thuja plicatapart shade - shademoist - wet200HMadd plant
red-osier dogwood iconShrubred-osier dogwoodCornus sericeasun - shademoist - wet15HHadd plant
salal iconShrubsalalGaultheria shallonpart shade - shadedry - moist5HMadd plant
oceanspray iconShruboceansprayHolodiscus discolorsun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
tall Oregon grape iconShrubtall Oregon grapeMahonia aquifoliumsun - shadedry - wet8HHadd plant
indian plum; osoberry iconShrubindian plum; osoberryOemlaria cerasiformispart shade - shadedry - moist15MMadd plant
evergreen huckleberry iconShrubevergreen huckleberryVaccinium ovatumpart shade - shadedry - moist6HMadd plant
maidenhair fern iconGroundcovermaidenhair fernAdiantum pedatumpart shade - shademoist - wet2HMadd plant
Western columbine   iconGroundcoverWestern columbine Aquilegia formosasun - part shademoist2LMadd plant
deer fern iconGroundcoverdeer fernBlechnum spicantpart shade - shadedry - wet2HMadd plant
sword fern iconGroundcoversword fernPolystichum munitumpart shade - shadedry - moist3HHadd plant
inside-out flower iconGroundcoverinside-out flowerVancouveria hexandrapart shade - shadedry - moist1MHadd plant
grand fir Western redcedar Pacific dogwood vine maple oceanspray Pacific dogwood vine maple red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood red-osier dogwood sword fern sword fern sword fern sword fern deer fern deer fern deer fern deer fern maidenhair fern maidenhair fern maidenhair fern evergreen huckleberry Pacific dogwood salal salal salal tall Oregon grape Western columbine Western columbine Western columbine inside-out flower inside-out flower indian plum; osoberry