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Moist, sunny

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This plan features a wildflower meadow of camas, nodding onion, and western columbine lining the path. The summer blooming goldenrod will really light up your landscape. Be forewarned that it can spread readily when thriving so if you want to plant a less aggressive alternative, you might try the white blooming goat's beard instead.

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Plant list for Moist, sunny

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
Sitka spruce iconTreeSitka sprucePicea sitchensissun - part shademoist - wet200MMadd plant
cascara iconTreecascaraRhamnus purshianasun - shadedry - wet30MMadd plant
serviceberry; juneberry iconShrubserviceberry; juneberryAmelanchier alnifoliasun - shadedry - moist20HHadd plant
tall Oregon grape iconShrubtall Oregon grapeMahonia aquifoliumsun - shadedry - wet8HHadd plant
Pacific wax myrtle iconShrubPacific wax myrtleMyrica californicasun - part shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
red-flowering currant iconShrubred-flowering currantRibes sanguineumsun - part shadedry - moist6HMadd plant
nootka rose iconShrubnootka roseRosa nutkanasun - part shademoist - wet10MHadd plant
subalpine spirea iconShrubsubalpine spireaSpiraea densiflorasun - part shademoist - wet5MMadd plant
snowberry iconShrubsnowberrySymphoricarpos albussun - shadedry - moist5MHadd plant
nodding onion iconGroundcovernodding onionAllium cernuumsundry - moist1MMadd plant
Western columbine   iconGroundcoverWestern columbine Aquilegia formosasun - part shademoist2LMadd plant
goat's beard iconGroundcovergoat's beardAruncus sylvestersun - part shademoist - wet5HMadd plant
camas, common iconGroundcovercamas, commonCamassia quamashsun - part shadedry - moist1MMadd plant
beach strawberry  iconGroundcoverbeach strawberry Fragaria chiloensissun - part shadedry1HHadd plant
goldenrod iconGroundcovergoldenrodSolidago canadensissun - part shadedry - moist4LHadd plant
Sitka spruce red-flowering currant cascara nootka rose serviceberry; juneberry serviceberry; juneberry serviceberry; juneberry Pacific wax myrtle red-flowering currant red-flowering currant tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape tall Oregon grape goat's beard goat's beard goat's beard camas, common camas, common camas, common camas, common camas, common goldenrod goldenrod goldenrod snowberry snowberry beach strawberry beach strawberry beach strawberry beach strawberry beach strawberry beach strawberry nootka rose nodding onion nodding onion nodding onion nodding onion Western columbine Western columbine Western columbine subalpine spirea snowberry