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Wet, part shade

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Western redcedar and Sitka spruce flank each side of the path, forming the backdrop for clusters of swamp rose. High bush cranberry will show off its beautiful fall fruit and leaf color. The salmonberry thickets provide tasty fruit for people and wildlife and their blooms will bring hummingbirds. The Pacific wax myrtle provides a great backdrop to show off the bright red stems of the red-osier dogwood during winter. Sweet gale can be substituted for the Pacific wax myrtle if desired. Swamp lantern is included to provide bright yellow spring color and large leaf structure. If you object to the scent, feel free to move farther from the path

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Plant list for Wet, part shade

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
red alder iconTreered alderAlnus rubrasun - part shadedry - wet120MHadd plant
Sitka spruce iconTreeSitka sprucePicea sitchensissun - part shademoist - wet200MMadd plant
Sitka willow iconTreeSitka willowSalix sitchensissun - part shademoist - wet30MHadd plant
Western redcedar   iconTreeWestern redcedar Thuja plicatapart shade - shademoist - wet200HMadd plant
red-osier dogwood iconShrubred-osier dogwoodCornus sericeasun - shademoist - wet15HHadd plant
Pacific wax myrtle iconShrubPacific wax myrtleMyrica californicasun - part shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
Pacific ninebark iconShrubPacific ninebarkPhysocarpus capitatussun - shademoist - wet13MHadd plant
swamp rose; clustered wild rose iconShrubswamp rose; clustered wild roseRosa pisocarpasun - shademoist - wet6LHadd plant
salmonberry iconShrubsalmonberryRubus spectabilissun - shademoist - wet10MHadd plant
highbush cranberry; mooseberry iconShrubhighbush cranberry; mooseberryViburnum edulesun - part shademoist - wet12LMadd plant
maidenhair fern iconGroundcovermaidenhair fernAdiantum pedatumpart shade - shademoist - wet2HMadd plant
lady fern iconGroundcoverlady fernAthyrium filix-feminasun - shademoist - wet4HHadd plant
deer fern iconGroundcoverdeer fernBlechnum spicantpart shade - shadedry - wet2HMadd plant
slough sedge iconGrass-likeslough sedgeCarex obnuptasun - part shademoist - wet3MHadd plant
small-fruited bulrush iconGrass-likesmall-fruited bulrushScirpus microcarpussun - part shadewet3LHadd plant