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Native Plant Guide

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Marine (salt water) shoreline

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If you have a cleared landscape or lawn along your salt water shoreline, you will be amazed at the new wildlife you can attract converting to a native plant landscape. This landscape plan features a variety of salt water tolerant native plants ranging from the dramatic seed heads of dune grass, to the blue-purple blooms of Douglas aster. Planting on marine shorelines may be regulated, so check with your local government for rules. In most cases, planting native plants by hand doesn't need a permit.

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Plant list for Marine (salt water) shoreline

symboltypecommon nameLatin nameexposuremoistureheight (ft)avail.ease 
madrone; madrona iconTreemadrone; madronaArbutus menziesiisun - part shadedry90MLadd plant
shore pine iconTreeshore pinePinus contorta var. contortasun - part shadedry - wet50MHadd plant
Hookers willow  iconTreeHookers willow Salix hookerianasunmoist - wet20LHadd plant
serviceberry; juneberry iconShrubserviceberry; juneberryAmelanchier alnifoliasun - shadedry - moist20HHadd plant
beaked hazelnut iconShrubbeaked hazelnutCorylus cornuta var. californicasun - shadedry - moist20MMadd plant
salal iconShrubsalalGaultheria shallonpart shade - shadedry - moist5HMadd plant
oceanspray iconShruboceansprayHolodiscus discolorsun - shadedry - moist15MHadd plant
snowberry iconShrubsnowberrySymphoricarpos albussun - shadedry - moist5MHadd plant
sea-watch iconGroundcoversea-watchAngelica lucidasun - part shademoist - wet5LMadd plant
thrift; sea pink iconGroundcoverthrift; sea pinkArmeria maritimasundry - moist1HHadd plant
Douglas aster iconGroundcoverDouglas asterAster subspicatussun - part shadedry - moist3LHadd plant
beach strawberry  iconGroundcoverbeach strawberry Fragaria chiloensissun - part shadedry1HHadd plant
silverweed iconGroundcoversilverweedpotentilla anserina var.pacificasun - part shademoist - wet1.5LHadd plant
broad-leaved stonecrop  iconGroundcoverbroad-leaved stonecrop Sedum spathulifoliumsundry0.5MHadd plant
Hendersons checker mallow  iconGroundcoverHendersons checker mallow Sidalcea hendersoniisunmoist - wet5MMadd plant
Lyngbye's sedge iconGrass-likeLyngbye's sedgeCarex lyngbyeisun - part shadewet3MMadd plant
tufted hairgrass  iconGrass-liketufted hairgrass Deschampsia cespitosa sun - part shadedry - wet3LHadd plant
dunegrass iconGrass-likedunegrassElymus mollissunmoist - wet3LHadd plant
beaked hazelnut beaked hazelnut beaked hazelnut oceansprayoceanspray dunegrass Hookers willow serviceberry; juneberry snowberry snowberry snowberry snowberrysnowberry snowberrysnowberry snowberry serviceberry; juneberry Hookers willow oceanspray sea-watch Hendersons checker mallow Hendersons checker mallow Hendersons checker mallow Hendersons checker mallow tufted hairgrass tufted hairgrass Lyngbye's sedge silverweed Douglas aster beaked hazelnut silverweed tufted hairgrass thrift; sea pink broad-leaved stonecrop salal madrone; madrona shore pine Douglas aster Douglas aster beach strawberry madrone; madrona broad-leaved stonecrop tufted hairgrass thrift; sea pink beach strawberry Douglas aster silverweed Lyngbye's sedge sea-watch dunegrass tufted hairgrass Hendersons checker mallow tufted hairgrass Douglas aster Hendersons checker mallow tufted hairgrass salal shore pine