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Flooding Services

King County, Washington

Sign up to receive Flood Alerts!

King County is offering free Flood Alerts to help keep you informed of flood conditions.

  • Get Alerts by e-mail and/or phone (voice or text messages)
  • Select the rivers that affect you
  • Select the flood phase levels of interest to you.

Special note: Make sure you get alerted in an emergency!

King County Flood Alert graphic

Alert Subscription Form

Please enter information in the boxes below to let us know how you would like to be notified. You can select any of the seven rivers we send out alerts for and can select one or more of the flood phases for which you would like to be alerted. If you do not want to be alerted in a particular way then leave that data field blank. For example, If you do not want to receive phone calls for flood phase events, leave all phone fields empty. Please be sure to allow emails from (E-mail is required so we can confirm any changes to your account. If you do not have e-mail, or want Alerts only by phone, please call 206-477-4899). Important: An email will be sent to you after submitting your account information. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account. You will not be subscribed to Flood Alerts unless you confirm your account by clicking the link in the email sent by If you do not receive an email or need help, call 206-477-4899.

  (Required fields are highlighted.) Sign-up help & troubleshooting

1. Your Account Information

Name: first last
Enter your primary e-mail address. This will be used as your account login and primary contact about your subscription, as well as receiving flood alerts at this address.
Confirm e-mail:
Confirm password:

2. Your Contact Information

Enter any additional e-mail addresses where you want to receive Alerts, including work or home e-mail or mobile/cell phone e-mail addresses.
Second e-mail: (e.g. work or home)
Third e-mail:
Enter any phone numbers where you want to receive automated voice alerts. Include your area code and use 555-555-5555 format.
Voice phone 1: Voice phone 2:
Text/SMS phone number: (This phone will receive text messages. If you cannot or do not want to receive text, enter your cell phone number above.)

3. Flood Alert Lists

RiverPhase 2 * Phase 3 *Phase 4 *
Cedar River
Green River
Issaquah Creek
SF Skykomish River
Snoqualmie Basin
Tolt River
White River
  * About the Phases: King County issues flood alerts based on a four-phase warning system, issued independently for each river. The thresholds for each phase are based on river gages which measure the flow and stage (depth) of the major rivers in various locations. Phase 1 is an internal alert to King County staff. Phase 2 indicates minor flooding in some areas. Phase 3 indicates moderate flooding in some areas. Phase 4 indicates major flooding in areas, and may include road closures and other impacts. For more information, see the Flood Warning Pages

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