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Flooding Services

King County, Washington

Sign up to receive Flood Alerts!

King County is offering free Flood Alerts to help keep you informed of flood conditions.

  • Get Alerts by e-mail and/or phone (voice or text messages)
  • Select the rivers that affect you
  • Select the flood phase levels of interest to you.

Special note: Make sure you get alerted in an emergency!

King County Flood Alert graphic

Terms of Service for King County Flood Alert Notifications

TERMS OF SERVICE For Flood Alert System

This automated flood notification system is designed to send phone calls, emails and text messages to registered recipients when certain flood conditions exist on select rivers in King County. Messages will be sent when United States Geological Survey river gage data is received by King County that meets or exceed thresholds known as phase 2, 3 and 4 flood alerts unless the gage data is determined to be faulty. Messages may be sent before a gage measures a phase alert when other information is available that indicates a phase alert is imminent. Additionally messages may be sent if the information is deemed by King County to be important to the message recipients.

No system is without flaws or potential errors. While King County will make every effort to implement and engage the notification system in a timely and effective manner, registrants acknowledge that King County is not guaranteeing notifications, as the system could fail to perform under circumstances beyond the control of the County.

For example, if phone or Internet service is not functioning the automated notification system will not reach all intended recipients. Other circumstances that could result in delayed or non-delivered notifications include: incorrect contact information, software or systems failure, river gage inoperability, communications inoperability and human error.

This notification system is made available for emergency flood planning and response, but should be used in conjunction with media announcements, contact by local officials and personal observations of the conditions surrounding your home.

In signing up for notification, you acknowledge that King County is not guaranteeing that you as a registered recipient will be notified, and you agree to hold King County harmless from any damages based on any failures of the notification system to perform or to provide requested notifications.

In checking the above box, I agree to the terms stated above.

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