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How to sheet mulch

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Lay down cardboard
Lay down cardboard
Step Three: Lay down the cardboard
Lay cardboard over the entire area that you wish to mulch. Cardboard should reach all the way across the trench that you dug and sheets should be overlapped by at least 6-8 inches. Do not be tempted to use plastic sheeting or weed fabric. These may work initially, but long after the mulch had decomposed, you'll be left with trash in your garden that does not biodegrade. You'll be pulling bits of plastic out of your yard into perpetuity.

Install edging
Install edging
Step Four: Install edging material

Use your edging material to hold cardboard in placeby having the cardboard firmly held in place in the trench, you will create an excellent barrier to weeds and grass and ensure that your edge stays beautiful with little maintenance.

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