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shore pine

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Shore pine in landscape
© Greg Rabourn
Shore pine in landscape (enlarge)
Shore pine flower/ foliage close up

Pinus contorta var. contorta

Evergreen Tree

Height: 50 ft.

Availability: Medium

Growing ease: High

Moisture req.: dry - wet

Exposure req.: sun - part shade


Plant description:

Generally a smaller to mid size tree, often sprawling and irregular in its youth and rarely achieving a full height or straight form. This pine is rather dark in color, both in leaf color and bark. The needles are in pairs and tend to be shorter than many pinus relatives. The small pine nuts are favored by many birds.It often looks better in groves and used in evergreen hedgerows than growing singly. It is one of the best pines for making unpruned hedges or visual screens. It does not take to pruning as well as some other pines. Also, unlike many pines, it is highly adaptable to many soil conditions, wet or dry.

Keywords: birds, conifer (evergreen), drought tolerant, fast

Articles that mention this plant: Deer resistant plants, Guidance for Shoreline Plantings

Plans that use this plant:Dry, part shade, Dry, sunny, Marine (salt water) shoreline, Steep slope with dry sunny conditions, Wet, sunny